“It’s All About the INHUMANITY” – an Anonymous Teacher’s Tale

Poetic Justice

Summer School- Turning the Heat Up On Achievement
by – One Fired Up Teacher

NOTE: This was written by a teacher in a high poverty district somewhere in the US. Child and Teacher Abuse in full effect

A time to maintain achievement, right? To prevent the “summer slide” and keep students engaged and excited about learning. After all, it’s building relationships with our students that can extend far beyond the confines of classroom walls.

But what happens when the school offering summer school has no air conditioning? Does that sound beneficial? Healthy? Safe? Temperatures inside the classroom reading 98 degrees on the thermostat. How about that for the student with Epilepsy who’s seizures are triggered by heat exhaustion and dehydration. Sound safe? Healthy? Beneficial?

If that doesn’t have your attention, let’s turn up the heat a little more. Requiring teachers to supervise lunch for the students but not allowing them…

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Hillary: A Presidential Candidate In Need Of An Education

Real Learning CT

What does Hillary think about what is going on now in k-12 education?

Watch this video and find out:


What I would like to ask Hillary after watching the video is:

1. What do you mean by the Common Core being a “wonderful direction”? Do you know what the 42 Common Core English Language Arts Standards are and in what ways they help or hinder students becoming thoughtful readers, effective writers, and deep and broad thinkers?

I am very familiar with those 42 Common Core English Language Arts Standards and know that they are detrimental to producing thoughtful readers, effective writers, and deep and broad thinkers. I doubt that Hillary has read those standards and, even if she has, has no idea about the developmental needs of students and the best ways to teach them.

Of course, standards can be a good idea, but only if the standards themselves…

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FTF: Crossing into CCSS Land


Every noticed a subject so important yet so not discussed properly? Every noticed a subject so important yet so not discussed properly?

Sometime in the last 2 weeks I promised you, my readers and followers, that I’d get back to looking into where CCSS/CTE hides in plain sight among us. Today, I’ll pick that trail back up. It’s a very important aspect of the CCSS Machine we shouldn’t ignore.

If you’ll recall, I’d just been to an educational conference which was targeting home educators. (see the original article:
) In the original article, I shared with you the grabs for attention marketers use to draw in folks from ALL educational choice avenues. Remember, those avenues could be a private charter, a public-private charter, a virtual school, a private school, a homeschool, or a faith-based school.

While the advertising may not always shout “Common Core” or “Common Core related”, look beyond the slick sales pitch and “Boom!” there you find it…

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Vicki Cobb: How to Teach Children to Hate School

Diane Ravitch's blog

Vicki Cobb is a prolific writer of science books for children. She has written more than 85 nonfiction books. As a child, she attended the celebrated Little Red Schoolhouse in Greenwich Village, where experiential learning was valued. Today, she dedicates herself to educating children about science and the joy of learning. Imagine her surprise when she conducted a workshop and discovered that the children did not share her enthusiasm for school.

Here is her assessment of the legacy of today’s school reforms.

The other day I was doing a program for a group of 4th-6th graders at a local public library. I introduced myself to them by telling them how I had LOVED school so much when I was a kid that I basically recreate it for myself everyday as I write my books. The kids’ reaction to my confession was a unanimous, vociferous, vocal expression of how much they…

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Leon Botstein: Are We Still Educating Citizens?

on privatization and abandonning the ideal of public education

Diane Ravitch's blog

This article is a brilliant essay by Bard College President Leon Botstein about the democratic and civic purposes of education.

It begins thus:

The initial motivations for the movement challenging the monopoly of public schools were ultimately ones of prejudice: White parents did not want their children to attend schools that were attended by blacks. This logic was then sanitized by appeals to religious liberty, insofar as parents fleeing integration attached themselves to religious movements. Evangelicals and observant Jews did not want their children to go to schools that idealized acculturation and assimilation into a secular society whose character promoted “godlessness.” The constituencies that wanted to circumvent integration allied themselves with those who resisted the separation of church and state. And no doubt, since school quality is dependent on local property taxes, the poorer the neighborhood, the worse the schools, making a mockery of the idea that public education was…

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