In Blog Series, Bruce Baker Explores Issues at the Intersection of Money and Reform

a promising series #EdBlogNet blogger Jan Resseger on following the money in corporate-driven education “reform”


Bruce Baker, professor of education finance and education policy and law at Rutgers University, is also the author if the Education Law Center’s annual review of school funding adequacy and equity across the states:Is School Funding Fair? A National Report Card. In his blog, School Finance 101, Baker explores issues of school funding fairness as well as other matters he is investigating for academic research.  At the end of October to launch a connected series of posts, At the Intersection of Money and Reform, he declared, “At times, this blog serves as a palette for testing/sharing ideas.  So… in this, and a rapid fire sequence of follow-up posts, I will share some excerpts of forthcoming, and early stage, in-progess work.”  What makes this series  so interesting is not only Baker’s summary of the history of the current state of school policy but also his dive into the…

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