EDUCAUSE 2015: my sessions and some observations

Better understanding of and knowing more about tech driven and other changes are key to reclaiming public education. If you are not at then we will be on the menu. Denial is not an efficacious coping strategy

Bryan Alexander

EDUCAUSE 2015 annual conference logoLast week I participated in the EDUCAUSE annual conference in the midwestern American city of Indianapolis.  By “participated” I mean gave four and a half hours of presentations, helped with three hours of online presentations, and was interviewed once or twice.  Plus taking in more than a dozen sessions and holding who knows how many meetings and calls.  And made friends, while reconnecting with a great number of others.

Here I wanted to share what I did, and some of what I learned.

Tuesday morning was my preconference seminar on “Building an Emerging Technology and Futures Capacity in Your Organization”.  The goal here wasn’t to present on future trends for education and technology, but rather to help campus information professionals figure out how to better think about the future themselves.

Bryan broods under an overhead; photo by Raechelle Clemmons I brood under notes. Photo by the excellent Raechelle Clemmons.

It was a methods session, in other words, and…

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