“Gen Eds” Missing the Mark

Fulbright to Daad

John Oliver


In the past, John Oliver has discussed several downright depressing aspects of the American education system, while maintaining a comedic air.  During these segments, I often found myself laughing at his jokes while my lower lip quivered with frustration.  Is it so funny that myself and all other recent students and graduates are leaving public schools with mortgage-sized loan debt and massive holes in our education?  Of course, I can’t blame John Oliver for calling attention to this issue because it seems the public will only consider difficult topics and news coverage under the guise of comedy.  However, the public needs to consider these crucial social issues and John Oliver provides a great springboard to some more difficult conversations.

One of the greatest oversights in the public university system is the role of general education courses and requirements.  The intention of these courses is to provide a well-rounded education as well as…

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